even if one direction has been died out for decades and I’m a middle aged woman with 3 kids about to graduate college and that’s when larry decides to come out I’ll hit up every bitch that ever doubted me for a second and fucking rub it in their face like there’s no tomorrow


Louis trying to grab Harry’s hand when he realizes that they’re in public. 

I’m not going to lie, some pictures of them together are over exaggerating saying they’re “together” but this… Seriously, this is so real.

manip month: 13/31, au: fashion shows are a great place to meet your future spouse, part 1. (part 2)

AU: It’s not very difficult to bring out Harry Styles’ protective side, especially when it comes to the media hassling his boyfriend, university student Louis Tomlinson.


Smut week - 6/7
Wall fuck

Louis being supportive when Harry got bad case of stage fright <3

harry is thirsty for louis


aka all the times harry has wanted to kiss louis but he cant

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